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Jim’s Daily Rant. Animals Eating Their Offspring.

In yesterday’s Bix Weir Podcast he discussed with his guest whether the FTX collapse was planned by the Deep State or was brought down by the White Hats. I still maintain it was done by the White Hats. Even State Of The Nation posted yesterday that it was done by the Deep State to keep the news off the stolen election in process. So it is all up in the air. By the way, Wix and his guest lean to a White Hat operation. But let's move past who pulled the plug.

Late last night I saw where Curly Hair Bankman borrowed $1 Billion just prior to filing bankruptcy. One or two other officers borrowed big wads as well. This is most telling.

Let’s review a few basic legal issues here. If one has a corporation and runs it without a real corporate structure, such as books, separation of money from the owners personal pocket, records, corporate board and minutes, then it is treated as a non-corporation and all problems flow to it’s owners personally. They lose their corporate protection.

All states have a duty to disclose financial information to MOST prospective investors. This also pertains to the Security Exchange Commission, so the question next is was the SEC rules violated? This paragraph puts them at the center of fraud right off the bat. The taking of a Billion Dollar loan at time of bankruptcy is embezzlement and can be reversed by the bankruptcy. So will they give it back or try to secret some of it? If so that is prison time. They ran everything off books – a black ops laundering scheme (if I misspelled anything it is

“F R A U D”). Others sometimes operate off books as well. Will the kids be killed for screwing the big others who want revenge?

Will everything get rushed up (I doubt this part) and Biden pardons them and they walk free? If so, what happens to them? First IRS will be looking for taxes on Billions taken and all taxes on all the employees payroll. This will put them in jail or cause them to lose half their monthly earnings for life. But to get earnings they have to get jobs. I don’t ever see them with the confidence to even apply to Burger King for a job as they are emotionally destroyed for life.

This is enough of the many listings of problems they have now, other than eventual suicide.

So here‘s my big question. Where were their parents who set them up in this venture? They were big people and money operators who were well acquainted with all the problems listed above. I can’t imagine an exit plan in mind for those poor kids at the beginning.

I can only conclude their parents, who even if they had no prior knowledge, knew as they would have looked at the business out of pride and automatically know what they saw with big money, no records to see online and no adults around the kids. They knew.

So the question is who eats their own offspring? Were they mad? Were they themselves in so deep they decided to eat their kids? What parent eats their own kids?

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