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If true this is the best news since day one - We win! (Juan O'Savin) [Absolute Most hear] Recapped

29 Minute Video

3 MM Lame Duck Congress plans to load up the SCOTUS in December. How can SCOTUS defend itself?

5 MM It was during the xMas break in 1913 the Lame Duck Congress passed the Fed Reserve Act and the IRS legislation, during the Christmas break.

6 MM A Supreme Court law Professor looked at this current law suit and said the SCOTUS never looks at cases like this. They took it so the SCOTUS can correct things.

All of Congressmen who failed the people should be arrested for Treason . . ..

13 MM The Supreme Court can take this case and immediately allow arrests of Congressmen.

16 MM Arrests can be made before the American people even know of the case ruling.

You must hear this for yourself!

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