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From Simon Parkes: Latest Info... [Recapped]

11 Minute Video - John Soloman

0 MM John Soloman: Capital Police were warned the raid was coming. If this was a planned attack the Trump cannot be planned.

2 MM The Capital raid was a conspiracy. We were told Bingazi was also a "spontaneous attack." This Impeachment may turn into a very different story. All policemen that reigned or were fired were interviewed by the FBI. The FBI won't talk about it.

4 MM The Sgt at Arms got all warning and had to have reported to Pelosi, his boss. We need to know that.

5 MM It would have been nice if Congress knew if the raid was preplanned before they voted on Impeachment. The FBI are now saying i was preplanned.

7 MM He expects major documents to be released at the last minute on the 19th.

8 MM An email dated 11/27/16 warning VP Biden about conflict of interest. That email was classified but should not have been. Now we know that while Trump was Impeached in 2017 Hunter was under investigation. This information should have been given to Trump's defense team.

10 MM We have impeached trump a second time while withholding important information.


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