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From Joe - 6 minute video explaining the psychology that convinced so many people into getting Vaxed

Ever wonder why so many people unquestionably accepted the CDC’s narratives about the COVID scamdemic – even to the point of allowing their “trusted” medical authorities to inject them with ‘still unapproved” COVID bioweapon shots?

Here is the 1963 Stanley Milgram Experiment– now a textbook case study referenced in most university Psych-101 classes – that first identified how easy it is to convince humans to exert physical harm onto others simply by having a symbol of authority (e.g. doctors, politicians, police, SS Nazi Colonels, etc.) ask them to do so.

Milgram designed this experiment in an effort to discover what psychological factors caused even moral Germans into becoming murderers in the extermination of 6 million Jews.

He discovered that it wasn’t just a dysfunction in the German culture, but was a defect in at least 80% of the world’s population – even in supposedly civilized societies.

Start at the 0:39 minute mark in this 6 minute video to witness actual participants performing electric shocks onto unseen persons behind a screen – simply at the bequest of the authority figure running the experiment.

(Of course, the victims getting shocked were merely actors screaming in pain whenever the participants supposedly pushed the button to “Shock” them).

Proof that human nature doesn’t change with time, technology and supposed cultural advancements.

Joe Wade

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