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  • Jim Costa

From Joe - 5-min video that perfectly proves the overwhelming evidence of Biden Family Racketeering.

This 5-minute video sums up in perfect detail the bribery and racketeering crimes committed by the Biden Family Crime Syndicate over the past 10 years. What makes this so scary is that despite 170 Suspicious Activity Reports (SARS) submitted to the Treasury from major U.S. Banks in Joe and Hunter Biden’s names over the past 10 years, none of bank CEO’s ever reported this to the media. Probably because the mainstream media is now a State Run propaganda organization – including the “venerable FOX news.

We are truly in deep trouble if this kind of “in-the-open” organized crime is being condoned and ignored at top levels of the government.

No wonder the Biden’s unabashedly demanded that the media ignore this story 2 days ago. ...Send to everyone on your contact list.

Joe, Socialism is the Bait for Communism” -Karl Marx (Communist Manifesto)

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