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  • Jim Costa

From Jim - What good will it do you?

Jim C - your thoughts are well received. 

Damn those monkeys!  I got a barrel-o-anecdotal monkeys too, but I'm likely no Mother Theresa - you got me there :-)

In reflection - I should have written my earlier thoughts sporting less confrontation.  Consider forgiving me.  I'll adjust that moving forward.

Summarizing your proposition - regarding... "who's my name-property is it?"

1. How to set yourself free if you can get a response out of the "right" person.

2. Inferring that I (am others) focus - likely getting what we don't want.

3. Inferring that I (am others) setting things free but burning the zoo.

I offer a few final brief consideration(s)

I try and not focus too much on "right" people, but betting learning how others think - and operate on their the-inking... regardless.

When we get an non-answer from any pro-ported authority ... also known as "crickets"  - what does one hear?   (A noise is always seemingly made)

I hear ... encouragement to be more curious and not less - especially when "things" tickle my spidey-sense(s) repeatedly.

That has led to far more opportunities than not - without burning any "current" social operations systems to the ground.  I am no careless burner-mindset of required complex systems - anarchy is not my preferred cup of tea. 

I was a programmer, network engineer and business owner - I paid for everyone's mistakes out of my pocket.  Chaos or lack of re-liable order is silly.

However, potential forms of lying (blatant, tacit/silent, or inferred) from wherever or whatever often creates unfortunate logic and error-loops in people's reasoning or higher the-inking "state(s)" of mind and performance.  Note: inference is not lying - per se.

If people do not understand they might be operating another's or another form of name-property "acting" and "the-inking" it is "just" them - what amount of financial risk/opportunity might that account  for regarding their family affairs and accounting for potential future(s)? 

Few people, seemingly comprehend that a name might perform as a prior form of property (asset) - not simply the property to that for which it is attached. 

I am incredibly more peaceful as I continue to learn and comprehend better - that is my wish for others.

I am just a big biased believer in "concentrations" of one's powers.  No superman or leaping tall buildings - seemingly required.

I'll give it a rest - thanks.

All my best,


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