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From Jim B -The movie "the big short"

So, what might the full "faith" and "credit" of America, quasi or real, derive from?

Perhaps the productive labor capacity of generations of actual living and "passed" American's name-property hypothicated or not,  land mass, various mineral rights, the largest consumer-based economy in the world and other derived values of such that can be netted out in "confidence" - internationally or otherwise.

Not that all people, internationally, are not contributing labor in similar fashion; however, they do not "currently" have the political status known as the reserve currency "confidence" or e-motion of the world or what ever else that might include - until they do!  Hopefully sooner than later - but things tend to aggregate and dis-aggregate in cycles.  It is not my call.

Watching the curious movie called "the big short" might entertain people and help them understand better about the double sided coin of "confidence" and "states" of mind for those who may be less aware of certain international political/banking real-ity and entropy. Buy the rumor - sell the news. Uugh!

Has humanity's (loose linguistics here) self and mutual interests simply stopped, or merely transformed into other asset(s) classes or derivative asset classes - deriving value from their underlying fictional derivatives and eventually original 1st order assets? 

Soon, we will likely observe any cause and effect from M.Klann's claim(s) upon the nation's "state" of mind and possibly that of the world.

It is curious being both a 1st and 3rd person party of interest - simultaneously  :-)

They say it is not a party until somebody breaks something!

All my best,

Jim B

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