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  • Jim Costa

From Jim B - The Game Of Chicken.

In my simple mind... our world is all one species - granted different flavors.  It appears people all want 2 basic things.

  1. to feel important

  2. to be successful

Secondly we manifest (co-create) those interest(s) as follows:

  1. self-interest

  2. mutual self-interest (community)

What keeps people from killing each other mindlessly, historically, is free international trade and pricing mechanisms.  Arguably, price solves everything.

However, if various international species were trained to only blame others - then what might we get?  In any war'd - war.

It is not simply poly-anna.

It might mean we settle for authority figures that merely re-presents themselves as kind and beneficial authorities - ordinary people being trained to see only the best in the worst - instead of the worst of the worst.  A sort of gov re-legion-ing.  The 1st amendment of the constitution states - freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  Is this what ordinary people are experiencing?  Or a calculated decision space - limiting of free-will?

It appears "nations" might be playing a game of international chicken - multiple international actors driving towards one another with increasing speed on a 2-lane road - before the big crash.

Some nations might willingly veer off course early and others will willing take the oncoming crash - seeing who is the last nation standing.

Who might be the ultimate victims?

Be keenly aware of what or whose ideas ( indicates possession) you might follow.  Each wo/man is the ultimate authority after the creator - not simply one's governance.

If man does not exist - does governance?   If governance does not exist - does man?

America was founded on the seminal idea of wo/mans unalienable rights first - and governance, whatever kind, 2nd.

It is not my opinion.

Thou shall not covet - whose (indicates possession) is coveting what or who?

jim b.

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