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From Jim B - Simon Parks (absolute must see) - pretty helpful!

Fun podcast - a refreshing and encouraging absolute-must see!

I really have not followed simon parks much - but he often strikes me as mostly thoughtful and sincere.  My spidey-sense does not pickup much, if any, discordant flow as he speaks his thinking (the-inking) of his con-side-rations - both his express-ions (I own's) or my impress-ions (I own's).

I still find this white/black hat hero/villain story-line lacking needing more focus on juris-diction of one's "state" of mind - regarding name-property etc. So, I will continue sharing on such until Jim cuts-me off :-)  You'll thank me later (shameless pre-suasion)

Until I could easily juggle, mentally, a few jurisdictions (relative location & subject matters) and any name-property I might be using (knowingly or not) within them - my thinking, perceptions, acts/actions  on "things" (one's minds-eye) appeared lacking much needed clarity.  Who needs to know all the details - when the jurisdiction flow is mostly an accurate and telling true-north pocket compass.

Consider that l.a.w. is an acronym for  land, air, water jurisdiction - and their appears a space jurisdiction as well.  Regardless of how many there are - knowing they exist and you "being" and "acting" within them, uniquely, is a property "matter" of your interest(s) in order to "have" more successfully.  A "state" of one's mind is not simply woo - folks!   Take the easy 3D wins too!!!

CON-SIDE-RATION  (I highly recommend this open-mindedly tuned true-north pocket compass )

Con: con (fake) or conn (navigating adroitly)

Side: various per-spectives ( various in-tuitions based on possibility probabilities -  both factually or sensing from wherever or whatever)

Ration:  a "current" or decision-space as to what to keep for now and what to let go. 

Simon obviously has little trouble with con-side-ration regarding certainty and more importantly - uncertainty.  He seemingly keeps many complimenting and competing interests at arms-length - rather easily.  Nice !!!

Also, he appears to prioritize flow(s) (sometimes event-driven) more-so than any singularity of event(s) coupled with focused forward projection.  That's pretty much the "state" of mind or quality

I  usually work diligently to develop and maintain. The only way I've been able to make life work more successfully than less - reliably.

I just assumed such was a simpleton life-hack I stumbled upon, but maybe there is more to it - regardless, at the end of each day, there often appears a practical side to everything.  Intentionally looking for it appears beneficial.  Not sexy - though.

A further con-side-ration is that Simon's example of higher-order "clear thinking" leads to less anxiousness - even one does not have his alleged "connections" and i don't... I find such to be calming- as well.

Clear Thinking - the only true as-set theory.

Fun podcast - a refreshing and encouraging absolute-must see!

All my best,

Jim B.

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