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From Jim B. - Occam's Razor and Miki Klann

It appears to me and others that Miki Klann has a potentially powerful remedy questioning both the legitimacy of any quasi-american federal and state "incorporated" government's "office-holder(s)" bonds while additionally holding their agent(s) "personally" liable as well - appears well conceived.

Seemingly, it is a reasonable strategy, but she might be missing the "Occam's Razor" and Cui Bono of means motive and opportunity - a potential crime.  the crime being fraudulent conveyance of people given/surname 1st-Order name-property - a potential criminal and or treasonous offense.

DEFINITION Occam's Razor:

  1. The problem-solving principle that recommends searching for explanations constructed with the smallest possible set of elements.


  1. Utility, advantage, or self-interest considered as the determinant of value or motivation.

  2. The principle that the ultimate initiator of an action is likely he who stands to gain from the action.

Given that it is both a potential horror and real-ity (Definition "ity":  a state or quality) that every American's pro-ported "registered" birth name-property, within any incorporated a.k.a. quasi-american, quasi-state's, quasi-county's, quasi-territory might be substantial prima-facia evidence of fraudulent conveyance of american people's otherwise "private" name-property - as evidenced by "I.T. being potential quasi-state's name-property  on the a-parent origination document(s) as follows:

(1) registration of "certification of birth" and a similar legal abstract (2) birth certification documents.

Further proof of such potential fraudulent conveyance of every american's private name-property is that american people appear only able to request "copies" of these incorporated quasi-state's originating document's and not originals.  Is not possession 9/10ths of the law.

Based on my experiences, quasi-state probate magistrates become red-faced, tongue tied, and often immediately abandon their quasi-public presence (stand up and then immediately walk away) when simply asked "whose name-property is this document (pointing to the name) on this copy of (1) certification of birth or (2) birth certification?"  They have never made any claim - perhaps silent admission to conveyance of fraud regarding name-property and any derivative of such.

I'll leave your conclusions up for your private discernment and discovery - seeing if you can get any "incorporated" quasi-state gov to answer a rather juvenile legal question - "who's name-property is this?"

Given that Americans appear not able to procure quasi-state birth "origination" documents nor name-property validation appears substantial proof of claim that no American's private name-property ownership or property interest(s) are being served within any known or disclosed American jurisdiction.

Miki Klann's significant contributions might be more illuminating if she considered serving notice on the following quasi-state/county offices/officers:  secretary of quasi-state, quasi-probate, quasi-registrar, quasi-vital statistics regarding alleged obfuscation of name-property.

If there are no actual living people (beings) re-presented within the 50 states of the union - merely quasi-name properties - it follows there might be no legitimate federal structure(s) either.

What if every American simply wrote a simple letter as-king their alleged quasi-state re-presentatives to provide factual "proof" of people's name-property" upon quasi-state birth documents.  Might people's silent veil or spell-ing be broken?

If my postulate is even somewhat accurate - what might "full faith and credit" be based upon - mostly misappropriated confidence?

My guess is that most behavioral systems are simply Cui Bono operating, but nested within Occam's razor. 

Confidence is a terrible thing to waste :-)

jim b.

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