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From Jeff - Yesterday's Coded Comms Are Now News Bites.

We got coded comms on Godlewski's channel and 2 days later there are take down news bites everywhere. BIGGER FISH are being landed and the media is visibly changing over. But first, here is the direct link to PGs George Magazine interview:

=== BIGGER FISH ! ===

Several weeks ago HSRetoucher17 posted:

Since then many trivial and out of character posts appeared to keep the channel active but nothing of great importance. This morning it seems to be almost back to normal and mirroring posts from a sister 17-ish channel. Start at #11018 and scroll down.


Alert Mission Complete!

11: AM, kansas and Missouri

, during a difficult and complex mission in Kansas and Missouri, we rescued 760 #children from humantraffickers.

During this mission.

1 _ Seven underground tunnels ( D.U.M.B.'s. ) were destroyed,

2_ 78 human traffickers were killed.

3_ We discovered many top secret documents

Mission completed

13 :30 , London uk

This morning, (Jonathan Rothschild) an important member of Rothschild family was arrested in London by the Q Army and transferred to a maximum security prison in Nevada

Charge = treason

Jonathan Rothschild is an American and not a banker, but I bet he can squeal on a few friends and family...


Other Fish on the line...

=== Media Is Changing Over ===

Woke Societies

Susan RIce gone.

Buzz Feed dead.

Vice News possibly next.

CEO MSNBC resigned.

Don Lemon/CNN gone.

Bongino/Fox gone.

Carlson/ Fox gone.

This week starting out spicy.

Christopher Miller

Don Lemon has raped, tormented, and murdered hundreds of underaged boys.

The General

BREAKING: Fox Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch personally decided to fire Tucker Carlson. [My Conclusion: Carlson leaving Fox is probably NOT due to pedo optics or White Hat pressure but what about Bongino?]


FOX news:

1) Funded and supported illegal wars.

2) Owned by a pedophile.

3) Covered up for Epstein

4) Covered up for James Alefantis/pizzagate

5) Rigged the 2020 election

6) Rigged the 2022 election

7) Lied about January 6

8) Lied about Covid-19

9) Lied about the vaccines

=== Other Stuff ===

Brunson Bros are working on Plans D and E.

While Plan D is in motion, let me tell you about...

Plan E!!

It took two months of preparation and with the help of my younger brother Deron, I was able to successfully file a law suit against three of the members of the US Supreme Court Justices. They were legally and officially served March 17, 2023.

* Elena Kagan

* Sonia Sotomayor

* Ketanji Brown Jackson...

Note that Real Raw News reported that Sotomayor was hanged at Gitmo.


Are DEAD peeps coming back to life or did they die at Galt's Gulch?

Dead celebs including Michael Jackson, Anthony Bourdain, Kobe Bryant see Twitter ‘blue checks’ restored. Twitter left users dumbfounded over the weekend after it took away and then reinstated its “blue check” status symbol for long-dead celebrities and politicians such as Michael Jackson,...

American Patriot

Hearing Barbara Walters and Japan PM Shinzo Abe are in the house.

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