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From Jeff - Unanimous House? Congress is Sharing the Heat...

...and there's plenty of heat and distraction to go around. This could be the pivot point in the Senate:

(Washington Post screenshot with the following caption added.)


Other channels provided the usual red "X" over Bitch's face plus these pics of him being escorted and wearing a red and blue RINO tie:

So, there's too much J6 heat in Congress and they are unanimously eager to shift the hotspot under the spotlight over to Covid and the military. Congress can claim they passed laws against biowarfare that the DS military ignored and skirted by moving the biolabs overseas to Ukraine and elsewhere, like Chy-na. Congress cools off a bit and awakening discussions shift over. Highlight one disclosure topic at a time then loop around with updates later.

My thoughts on Tucker's failure to deliver new J6 video reports on FOX. Enuf heat on Congress for now. I believe the WHs are milking every last drop of awakening disclosure from every topic - slow drip so there's no waste of ammo. By failing to deliver more J6 video the WHs get people discussing the coverup, specifically by FOX. We will likely get more J6 video updates after the normies have digested the first few bites. Wait 30 minutes after eating before going swimming. TMI wastes ammo!

My personal experience with the normies is that they are mostly still comatose and almost impossible to wake up. Only at the precipice...

======== Other News Bites ========

Emergency meeting for the Federal Reserve on Monday. Plans to introduce a Central Bank Digital Currency.


Whiplash347 recently posted a highly simplified block diagram for the shift from SWIFT to QFS - can't find the post now, prolly deleted, so screenshot attached. Note that XRP is key for the banks - no one will control the system. XRP is not for retail clients - they will be cashed out. Dick Allgire corroborates on XRP's role.

The only logical theory I have for the Whiplash347 channel is it's likely a 17-ish disinfo channel. There's tons of dubious info, too much to discern and absorb. Good stuff is posted but then quickly deleted. If ya know, read quickly.


March 20, 2023 is supposedly the new deadline for cryptos to meet ISO 20022 standards for digital currency messaging/transfers.

All Crypto goes to ZERO. All those ISO20022 will rise from the ashes after the ‘flip'. (Whiplash been telling us this for years.)

The original ISO 20022 deadline was Nov 2022 - about the time Trump announced for 2024 and essentially said he needed more time to get things done.


What does the Iran-Saudi Arabia truce mean for Washington’s standing on the global stage? It means the Petro US dollar is DEAD. Adios USA Inc.


American Patriot

Feeling a bumpy ride coming into the new week. Keep eye on large banks and liquidity. This will 💣 the market and the bonds. Take some cash out in the meantime. Food stored. Federal Reserve will fall on the sword with an Interest rate hike and take The Beast (Dow Jones) with it. CCP cryptocurrency self implode.



There will be a slew of openings in the federal government If you feel called in that direction, polish up your resumes NOW not later The need for intelligence agencies to be reformed at the top of the listAbsorbed or restructuredThey will need good peopleAre…

Snippy (JSNIP4) made a rambling post on this - skip if in a hurry but read the headline:

The change we've been waiting for will be here shortly.


Been mostly ignoring all the bad news we knew was eventually coming. Those initial ripples before the tsunami or The Storm are arriving. Those prepped and waiting for the last decade or more might consider it good news since something visible is finally habbening. Instead I've been contemplating the woo woo spiritual side of humanity - what is it? I'm not sure I'll ever cognitively connect. In the 1960s M&D took us kidz to Disney in FL when I was about 10 and it absolutely gave me the CREEPS. The rides were great but the costumed characters and magical fantasy theme were creepy and not at all enjoyable - I was a weird kid then and now I'm a weird adult. HOW DID I KNOW WITHOUT KNOWING??? I spent my entire 30+ year career in hard science and now in retirement have to deal with the existence and wonders of the woo.

Dick Allgire makes a lot of public service type posts on his Crypto Viewing YT channel. One in particular struck a chord - the world is a lot weirder than most people think. He counts hundreds of successful military grade Remote Viewing sessions over 27 years and says the fact that he can do this is proof that the fabric of humanity's existence is very much woo woo - it's real.

Thoughts On Consciousness ((WARNING!!⚠️Woo Woo)) (14 min)


Enjoy the woo woo show.

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