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From Jeff - The Hunted - Godlewski Agrees, The Popcorn Is Stale.

Godlewski expands on several topics touched in the "Titanic Events post at - the Titan Submersible, Hunter laptop, Brandon impeachment not being a priority and more.

Phil explains that much of what is being reported as current events happened long ago, like Hunter taking a plea deal a year and a half ago. He says the big stuff in the war took place starting back in 2017. At 22:40 he says "the popcorn is stale". What are the odds of that? He is likely monitoring feedback on your site. He doesn't mention the Hunter hanging report on RRN.

Starting at 41:30 he rattles off a timeline of events covering a week or so related to the crash. We've heard it all before but it's a good review. Shortened version - Weekend banking crisis leads to market crash in the following business week. DTCC forced to cover shorts. Fed stuck holding the bag. Commodity trading halted. Crypto goes down. Dollar insolvency news spreads world wide. Current administration urged to resign. Protests in the streets begin. Get ready for collapse when it gets here. He says he can verify 75% is accurate.

Next he says bank records are mirrored in QFS but don't expect to get money back from bank bail-ins. All this fiat money has to be taken down to stop the bad guys using it to ruin the world. Safety net in place for some but not immediate and many will not be satisfied. [My comment - a blanket windfall for the masses will not work as people would just STOP WORKING. Plus, society as a whole needs a spanking for letting all this happen on our watch. Bye-bye nanny state, welcome level playing field.]

He wraps up by telling us a 9/11 type event will hit worldwide but it will be mostly financial. [Reminds me of the 17 cities, 1 event theme.] He says most truthers are deep state.

====== Russia, Russia, Russia !!! =====

Difficult to follow and understand what's up in Russia. So far my favorite flavor of kool-aid tastes like a rogue faction of the Russian military getting cleaned out after taking US taxpayer bribes via Ukraine. Mostly fake coup coverage blown way out of proportion but not entirely false. Like Godlewski said, there's a lot of Deep State Truthers - it's a jungle out here and we all get taken in now and then.

Short 7 min Jaco video:

Christopher Miller

Last week we saw military activity in the United States.

Today you will see military activity in Russia.

Putin in direct communication with Trump.


Fontanka Reports 4B rubles found in Wagner PMC HQ Offices in St Petersburg, addressed to E. Prigozhin.

Didn't the US DOD just 'lose' 6.2 B USD, and claim it went to Ukraine?

Are we seeing the US/NATO FVEY intelligence community buy off a well-equipped Russian paramilitary force, and then stage a coup?

We still have no confirmation that this RDM 'missile which allegedly struck Wagner forces, even happened...

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