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From Jeff - The Big Picture and Other Trivia (What Happens After 24th?)

Ezra C-W told us those who know will laugh and those who don't will cry. I often have to remind myself to laugh so I guess I'm not really in the know. At least I'm not crying...yet. After being strung along by truther "intel" for so many years I tend to think about the big picture and roll with the punches. Detailed predictions are usually incorrect during a war and that is where we are - a secret WW3 that is visibly heating up. So be as ready as possible and adjust as the plot shifts and twists. The stuff below is going to hurt but maybe not so much if you are mentally and physically prepared. The worst of the crap ahead goes down on Brandon's watch while Trump trolls the DS from the sidelines. There is a lot that has to transpire so don't expect Trump back in office in the immediate future - soon in war terms, but not real soon. Trump has told us he'd be back sooner than we think so maybe that means before 2024. Simon told us to expect Trump around for 12 years. The list below is hardly complete and is only food for thought - an exercise to remind us how big this war really is. Each item is huge and really needs an entire chapter or book to discuss. Items overlap in time and scope so are not easily listed sequentially. All will take time to occur then sort out...after the 24th. Control your hopium and replenish popcorn as necessary. Remember, remember the 5th of November... (Whiplash scenario?) False flag in US blamed on Russia. 2022 mid-terms - will they or won't they? Banking crisis and extreme stock market volatility. Europe in total collapse, by 2023? US next? Entheos hinted that HODL may be a good idea. Central Bank Digital Currencies introduced only fail if fiat. Cryptos negotiate with Reggie Middleton for patent license. Russian trials for Ukraine war crimes (Cabal biolabs, etc.). Declass Obama-Russia Gate etc - Durham. Martial law and Insurrection Act made public Indictments unsealed. Power outages? Internet down? Public arrests and announcements. Suicide week - Could this be how the actors for the already removed begin their retirement vacations in Galt's Gulch? How and when do they collect their awards for best actors of the 21st century? Fake alien invasion? Vatican attempts to consolidate the Big 3 Abrahamic factions. Taiwan goes back to China in some form. Israel goes back to Palestine in some form. ------- Trump Returns ----- Constitution and rule of law is reinstalled under a reborn Republic. Similar actions worldwide. Asset backed currencies, rainbow Treasury notes, RV, etc. NESARA/GESARA projects. New financial system rolled out. Pensions refilled with seized assets, etc. [Red accent by Jim] UN disbanded and possibly reborn in a new location, likely the east. Other NWO organizations reformed or disbanded as well. Nuremberg style tribunals for traitors, major medical/health policy makers, and other serious crimes against humanity. Civilian trials for low and mid-level Cabal operatives. Class action lawsuits for those harmed by The Great Reset agenda. Food production reformed and rebooted. Tech giants, big oil, big pharma, corporate health/medicine, etc all have to be reformed. Release of secret patents and put to use in public. History corrected with help from Vatican and other archives. DISCLOSURE - SSP, alien agenda, space fence, and other woo-woo. Earth Defense Force? Keep in mind that Q told us only part of the truth would be revealed. To me this means that the Illuminati and secret societies will live on with a very different faction at the top. The Age of Aquarius (about 2100 years).

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