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From Jeff - Synchronicity...

I have noticed many significant synchronicities in my life.  To start, I had a draft card but the Vietnam conflict wound down before my number came up.  Later I was too old for boots on the ground support in other wars.  I did end up spending my entire somewhat peaceful career in the civilian DoD.

Skipping over trivia, in 2014 I was retired and making plans to leave the country to escape the inevitable chaos as Obama was about to be forcibly removed.  Then Trump showed up and everything changed - no need to leave.

Jerome Corsi speaks about a military coup d'etat:

Skipping ahead once more, AG Paxton as temporary Gov of Texas steps up while RINO Gov Abbott is in Hawaii and takes control of the Tex-Mex border.  Now Texas is getting blasted by DEWs or something.  We are told lightning is going to strike Arizona next (but not who).  Is there any law and order in the USSA?

Some were thinking about a call to arms - Vigilante Season.  The almost certain chaos would not be a high point in history.  The whole point of Trump, Q, The Great Awakening, and The Storm is a PEACEFUL Reset.  Win the 2nd American Revolution without firing a shot on the public stage but perhaps act out some dark scenes backstage behind the curtain.

Along comes Paper Lion Michelle Klann serving written notices in AZ and we see peaceful confetti cannons in action.  The Plan.  No Six-Guns required at the goobermint building.  The Deep State ran from paper weapons!  Lawfare revenge can be a bitch.  The Age of Aquarius is the age of information.  It's gonna be biblical.

Synchronicity saves the day...vigilantes not required...timing is everything...

Response: I love your term for it: "Peaceful confetti canons". That's exactly what it is!

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