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From Jeff: Stirring the Pot With Clif, Nenner Commentary.

"This channel will share videos of other different channels not on personal responsibility." IMO, "not on personal responsibility" means "not on NDA". Clif was shared on the above channel so maybe he is totally independent - not on NDA.

A couple days ago radio silence for truther intel was announced by Parkes, Godlewski, some Dinar sites, and maybe others. Godlewski warned that confusion from conflicting news was coming. He also said he would try to remain active in other areas. Yesterday he had this to say about Clif:

"I have no opinion on anything related to a gentleman named Clif High. This person is irrelevant to our movement, has no connections to any intelligence, and consistently attacks truthers on our side (yanno, like, the ones who DO have intel). On top of that, his information is, in general, completely wrong. Regardless, as I’ve said in the past, I have a very short list of people you should be following. The name “Clif High” does not appear on the aforementioned list."

So, no opinion on Clif but definitely opinionated = confusion.

Don't forget that Godlewski 2.0 warned us that the channel was set up for others to use - it's not always him "talking" to us! But, he did make the same post on his original 1.0 channel

Most alt-news hounds are thinking that widespread civil protests on the horizon will be related to SCOTUS decisions on the 2020 election, abortion, or both. Clif is suggesting that the poisoned are about to retaliate against big pharma and their puppets. Meanwhile simmering topics like Durham, pedo, war, and finance are coming to a boil all at once.

Order out of chaos??? Connect the dots anyway you like until radio silence is lifted. Gonna be a long hot summer.


Cycle analyst Nenner recently said on USAWATCHDOG that 1/3 of the population would be eliminated in the next big war. A big name, can't remember who, said that the 1/3 figure came from the bible. Meanwhile the EzraACohen telegram character stated a rough estimate of 1 billion deaths (1/7) but did not state the exact cause:

Nenner also said that the global warming cycle was over, that this is the end of a clear 400 year historical weather cycle. He is confirming the beginning of the GSM or Grand Solar Minimum (Maunder Minimum). Winters will likely get a bit chilly over the next several decades.

Politics, weather, or both?


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