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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Spin The Globe From 50,000 Feet (Lotsa Links)

Now that you understand Putin's Pickled Europe from 40,000 ft the step up to 50,000 ft should be much easier. (Remember, Ukraine could not be avoided.) Quick summary - there is way too much for a single human brain to track all at once. That's why whoever has the best AI will rule the world. Hope these dot connections help bring the big picture into focus. Should keep you busy for the weekend on top of emerging current events.

Las Vegas = Arkancidus Interruptus, Bin Salman onboard, Al Waleed overboard, Trump gets Saudi Sword Dance (honorary kingship).

Hat Tip Fulford - Second American Revolution will be a world revolution. Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Indonesia applied to BRICS. SE Asia to discuss restructure of Bretton Woods dollar. Needs to be soon as the old system is [COLLAPSING].

Trump sporting a BRICS suit!

The back story of Japan - Shinzo flipped and moved to Galt's Gulch.

Taiwan like Ukraine is run by the Cabal. Taiwan cannot be avoided.

Taiwan Releases China Invasion Survival Guide (link to NY Post)

ISRAEL is last and cannot be avoided.

The (Global) Alliance and Seven Kingdoms making sense yet?

Note: Don't know what to think of Whiplash - tons of great info mixed with both good and crap about cryptos and qfs.

World $$$ Map - note Russia is part of Economic Europe.

The Trump, Diana, and Barron connection is being revisited (but let's not forget about Sarah).

We've been told the movie is bigger than we can imagine. If exopolitics are included then I can't imagine it being any bigger, Galactic maybe. In any case, it's definitely Biblical, and I'm not even religious (too many narrative shifts have been tweaked into the modern Bible).

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