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From Jeff - SOTN Hacked or Blocked?

I think SOTN was being blocked via ISP/DNS. My initial access attempt failed with the same error messages you showed us. Changing my ISP out of the country via VPN immediately granted normal access - the wolves are in the hen house.

Sometimes censorship is implemented by limiting download speed so that videos won't play smoothly and most people will just move on to something else. Using 2 VPNs simultaneously can help break that sort of blocking. If the data stream is double encrypted the AI bots have a harder time figuring out what's in it and where it came from.

Response: I agree with you.

I discovered that the "M' was deleted from their ".com" URL address. I added it back and got their article narrative.

This in my opinion was done by Go Daddy if that is indeed their domain name host.

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