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From Jeff - SGAnon File 64 - Israel Inc ?

SGANON reports that Israel was very recently incorporated with the Board or Owners being the Israeli Knesset and the address of record in England. He suggests that when SHTF it will be to Israel's benefit to be under a corporate restructuring plan (Chapter XX). Huge!

File 64 - "State of Israel" Dissolution (and more, 45 min):

Remember that Trump moved the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This was likely signaling and preparing for an eventual 2-state solution with Tel Aviv in Palestine and Jerusalem in a tiny New Israel. The limited number of true Judea Jews would not need much space. I suppose the imported, non-mafia, European Ashkenazi Jews would have to choose where to go and what to do, again. It's been said that the (Khazarian?) Jews have been thrown out of dozens of countries over the ages. Is the table turning 180 degrees between Israel and Palestine?

Distractions, distractions, and more distractions...

There are many hints that the clock and maps are being turned back to the 1950s to erase what the Khazarian Mafia has done since WW2. Taiwan eventually goes back to a non-CCP China and Ukraine goes back to Russia. Whiplash and others say the RV/GCR will roll prices back to 1955. Snippy dreamed about single digit silver. Trump constantly signals Five-Five and so on. He also stated something like this to Obama, "When I'm done it will be like you were never here." RESET!

Will us old timers live long enough to have a 2 saucer garage as promised by the futurists in the 50s and 60s?

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