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From Jeff - SGAnon and Derek Together! (and other topics).

TruthStream Live! w/ Derek Johnson & SG Anon, Skip to 8 min

I watched a good chunk but the video kept skipping to the end and I gave up, at least for today. Derek seems to have his wild enthusiasm under control since first hitting the video scene a couple months ago. SG was his usual self.

FTX was a big deal in defunding and exposing DS efforts to wage WW3. Also leads to reset.

They talked about Quantum this and Quantum that - initiatives mentioned in various official Trump White House documents. QFS.

SG thinks the big event will be a synchronized 4-hour world wide op.

Lot's more if you can manage to watch it all.


Look for SGAnon to post Audio File #27 Tues night.


Some notes and thoughts on the fake SGAnon Telegram channels.

SGAnon told us that it was not him reposting from his Truth Social to Telegram. Likewise Godlewski told us from the beginning that it wasn't always him posting on his 2.0 Telegram channel. The original RealSGAnon channel was taken private or closed and at least 2 others replaced it about the same time. Both of the replacements use clever "misspellings" that make them difficult to read and then manually type the URL addresses. Very, very odd. Original, deleted or private Lower case "el" replaced by capitol I Letter I replaced by lower case "el"

Seems to me that the 17-ish team enticed both SGAnon and Godlewski with disnfo intel and groomed them to be vocal truther outlets on Rumble. Then they created associated Telegram channels to push their 17-ish narrative in a very particular manner.


How did Entheos (allegedly) make a zero delta post?

Are Entheos and Q the same or equivalent on Team Trump?

As requested - almost zero delta 45 (pic at link)

SGAnon told us his source was going to be limiting intel to a single truther outlet and that was okay - we already know them. Meanwhile Godlewski suggested he was that single outlet but he's been unusually quiet lately. I personally think it may be JSNIP4 who recently admitted being in direct but very limited contact with Entheos for a long time.


FTX is remaining hot in the news.

Dick Allgire's Crypto Viewing team predicted the crash ahead of time for their Patreon paying clients. Most of us get to hear about it in past tense. Dick did give us a free crypto crash heads up but did not name anything in particular. Two videos related to FTX are pretty interesting but many of his other post are worthwhile as well. Most are typically 3 to 8 minutes.

FTX DEFAULT! You Ain't Seen NOTHIN' Yet...


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