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From Jeff - SG Docs, Full Fulford, Etc

I assume SG's docs are on his TruthSocial channel.  I am usually blocked so I go to his unauthorized telegram copy-cat channel.  I think it's run by the 17-ish team - no funky ads.  It has always matched the TruthSocial account on the few times I've been able to get in to compare.  I heard of these state juries being formed many years ago but no docs and absolutely nothing since till now.   [2 pages of jury addresses]   [pages 1-8, 2 per file]

In firefox go to Tools/Page Info/Media.

Select desired file(s) with preview window assisting.

   Graphic files are typically called "Backgrounds".

Download each one by one.


Transcript of SGs audio file 75 available from Alexandra Bruce:


Fulford posted his full report today.  Just scroll past the paywall announcement.  Wonder if it was intentional or accident?  Suggest reading it before he fixes it.

I have a very hazy Big Picture world view that is being bolstered by SG, Fulford, and others lately.  It gets more clear every week.  It is the reason why I keep advising to fly higher and take in a global view as much as possible.  It's a long movie and it's gonna take a while for the credits to roll off the screen before the next sequel can start.  The WHs got this so for the most part stay out of their way but be ready to help out after The Precipice if called.  This battle and war was won before it started.  Rommel Deaths - Legacies retained - families protected - some truths will never be officially declassed.  But truthers will know...

The James Bond-like intrigue is way over most people's heads.  It's more like The DaVinci Code truth in fiction where the Illuminati hunts the Druze/Jesus Strand to wipe them out.  The Kahlooni/Druze change their names to avoid discovery.  Revenge of Q - V for Vendetta.  The Hunters Become The Hunted.  Panic in DC.  What an Effin Mooovie!  Stay 6 feet away from crazy normies if you sense their heads are about to explode or carry an umbrella - Shields Up!


US markets are closed today but the metals are a global market and they are moooving.  The US opening tomorrow should be interesting.  Likely a ramp up to financial hiccup over the next week or two.  Daily Dominoes eventually.  Clif predicting a heavy news month for June.  Senile Brandon likely to melt down in the confusion leading to the climax and his A25 exit.


New and used car prices are falling.  Dealers giving incentives on some higher priced novelty vehicles.  The factories know something.  Gotta move lux models NOW.


p.s.  If you have problems downloading SG docs I can email.

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