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From Jeff- Robert Trump RIP? (re Utsava Video).

In the final 2 minutes of her July 12 video Utsava reported that Trump MAY HAVE been shot, killed, and revived on or around April 20:

July 11 GhostEzra posted a poll:

Hows many Trump's are there?

19% 1

81% More than 1

No brainer - there are definitely lots of Trumps besides Donald.

July 13 GhostEzra posted a pic of Donald Trump and a blonde that looks like it might be brother Robert's wife Ann (reference image linked below). Clouds and sun rays are in the background. No caption but a good guess would be R.I.P. Robert is/was one of Donald Trump's doubles. Was it Robert who was shot while posing as Donald and that is what Utsava is reporting?

Reference image- Robert Trump and wife, Ann Marie Pallan:

GhostEzra later posts:

"Trump" was selected to win in 2016. Selected to lose in 2020. And will be selected again in 2024. Who's ready is the question?

Ezra's question implies that Donald might not be ready or available for 2024. If anybody was shot, was it Donald or Robert? The Simpson's predict Ivanka running in 2028 so maybe she will move it up by 4 years.

High stakes plot twists! Gonna be a long hot summer.

RIP if appropriate...

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