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From Jeff - Remember This Day...

On January 19, 2023, HSRetoucher17 reposted Q-562, "Remember THIS DAY." originally posted Jan 19, 2018:

A 5-year prophetic marker?. Sure looks like it. Immediately prior posts include 3 "Sub-stage Complete" posts for Merkel, Zelenski, and the Pope. Afterwards are another 3 for some unrecognized German then Hunter and Jill Biden. A 6-pack. Start here and scroll down:

On top of those there's the X'ed out pic of Jacinda Ardern, NZ Prime Minister, posted by Shadow of Ezra on Jan 18. She announced her resignation on Jan 19th along with leaders of Vietnam and Thailand on or about the same day. [NZ Ardern X-out pic]

Entheos, who has been around since before the Q postings, reposted his STAND DOWN NZ order to Ardern originally posted the summer of 2022 where she had been given a deadline of Jan 20, 2023, or else...

On top of the world leaders above, Ron Klain announced his early departure from the "White House" Chief of Staff and according to RRN was then arrested while holding a one-way airline ticket to Poland.

On the topic of one-way tickets, Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes was reported to have booked a one-way flight to Mexico before her guilty verdict on Jan 3, 2022, last year.

Back on topic. So, everything is looking like it's a GO. From drip, drip, drip to a steadky trickle the flood gates of kool-aid truth are opening veeerrryyy slooowly but there is a definite and accelerating trend. DECLASS! It won't likely happen too fast, can't expect the normies to drink their least favorite flavor of kool-aid from fire hoses.


Did Katie Hobbs get a boot and some new friends in the AF?

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