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From Jeff - Re: What If . . . and Other Stuff

If GESARA is real... Like the QFS, I am still skeptical of GESARA as described on feel good RV/GCR sites but I have no doubt there is a global war between a WH Alliance and an evil Cabal raging behind the curtain. Kinda like you can hear it but can't see it or take pictures through the curtain to prove it. So whatever financial plans the Alliance has in mind might as well be called GESARA until it actually surfaces for real. A reposted pic from last year allegedly includes the main PUBLIC leaders of the Alliance. The not so public underground backers likely include the Chinese Elders with their ancient Silk Road gold and silver plus the remnants of the Cathers and Knights Templars with their treasure stashed along the Spanish-French border that Hitler never found. End of Dollar --> New Alliance (Note that Trump is in the center barking out the orders.) Nino Rodriguez just posted new evidence of the Chinese Alliance via interview with Ava Chen. This is a MUST SEE for anyone interested in the Chinese-American backstory. Remember Miles Guo? He was jailed like Assange. Note that Assange may now be free. Ava Chen- "The CCP Infiltration Of America EXPOSED!" Christopher Miller The source is free. [Assange pic] --------------- If the QFS is real... Dick Allgire reposted their "Death of The Dollar" remote viewing session from 2020 that YouTube had deleted along with their entire original channel. The RV team described massive non-silicon computing being associated with the dollar death event. I now feel fairly certain that Quantum Technology will be part of our financial future. (Skip if short on time.) 7/18/2020 Remote Viewing The Death Of The Dollar (48 min) Bonus Allgire - Don't miss this short one! Are The ETs WATCHING This Show? [FLASHBACK] 4/15/2020 (2 min) =========== Other Stuff ============ Macdonald's is Downsizing? Don't forget that MackyD's went Green long ago with their Soylent veggie burger. Corporate HQ prolly knows their once impenetrable Cabal umbrella will soon be useless against The Storm. ========================= EXPLOSIVE: Cruz Leaves Mayorkas in SHOCK... IT'S SHOWTIME !!! What a great acting performance by Teddy Kruze. Real Ted Cruz is likely a long time goner, replaced by an actor double. Texas Senator Cruz had a questionable family background including Canadian citizenship and Cuban influence. Canada? Cuba? Reminds me of Justin Castro. Pics attached. Go figure...

Ted Cruz Screenshot From Mayorkas Roast.png:

Ted Cruz Double 2.png

Oswald Cruz Bush Mengele.png

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