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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Re: Arnold and We Already Won.

Arnold said goodbye because the WHs were about to make him gone.  When the DS operatives talk just ignore or assume the opposite.

My worst fears in 2014 led to plans for leaving the country.  The world changed and so did my plans - gotta be flexible.  All battle plans become obsolete once the first shot is fired.  Synchronicity...when you smell it, listen to it.

We won WW3 in 2016 but the cleanup is proving to be a bitch.  Actually, Killary stole 2016 and the WHs stole it back in the last moments before midnight.  Trump Style - Act weak when you are strong.  Think Mirror - Trump was "The Apprentice".  He went to Hollywood to learn the ropes in preparation for making The Greatest Movie of All Time.  The Movie script started long ago.

The secret war is real, as are the collateral damages, but consider the alternative.  Stand up if called but don't try rewriting the producer's script or you will hear, "YOU'RE FIRED!".

Buckle Up!  Turbulence ahead...  [1 min]

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