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From Jeff - Rants for the Holidaze.

I/we haven't celebrated Christmas here at home for DECADES since realizing Anunnaki/Elohim/Bible stories are the same but rewritten across many millennia with likely nefarious intent.  Glad to see the topic getting recent Alt-Media traction but it's nothing new - my glass cracked and broke long ago.  I still go along with the festivities around me to minimize normie friction - no controversial writings from me over the 24th and 25th.  AS A JOKE I say with tongue in cheek that we celebrate Saturnalia.  Meanwhile most Christians actually go through with it.  On the Julian calendar in the days of the Romans the winter solstice fell on December 25. 

Exit The Matrix...

In more recent centuries The Bankster Cabal has tweaked Jesus into a Cash Cow.  "Debt And Dopamine: The Ghosts Of Christmas Present":


Be careful who you follow:

What's up with Clif High?  He's been on a spree bashing everybody once again.  This round it's JSNIP4, Halper-Hayes, SGANON and probably others too.  Is his ego really that big?  Maybe he's a disinfo agent.  Let's hope he's using reverse psychology to bring attention to bashees without actually endorsing them.  I personally find only about 20% of his info interesting and believable.  It's difficult for me to follow him for a few good crumbs.

At time mark 1:20 Snippy responds to Clif's bashing:

Jan Halper-Hayes responds about Clif on Charlie Ward's show.  At the 7:15 mark she mentions people getting bashed by Clif High.  Charlie goes on to say that only about 10,000 sealed indictments remain out of over 400,000 total and most of the hard work is already done.  There are other good bits and pieces in the video but it's mostly rehash of older news.

Now for my own response to Clif's article about the Elohim.  I agree with him that the Elohim were reborn out of Anunnaki/Sumerian tablets but it was all deciphered and written down by others long ago.  His original article content reads like he has access to historical Anunnaki medical records including psychological profiles but he provides no references.  I think he's making stuff up to serve his ego.


Be careful who you follow:

Cabalist, infiltrator, or both?

"When someone tells you who they are, believe them."


Gene Ho is pushing the JFKjr Alive theme pretty hard lately.  He has a TicTok channel but only has a few video shorts openly available to the public.  Ho was Trump's campaign photographer and is current Editor in Chief at George Magazine.  I think he's seen a lot behind the scenes over the past decade or so.  David Straight says he rode a helicopter with Ho and JFKjr to the top of Mt Rushmore - "Let That Sink In".  I could not find Gene Ho's originals that JSNIP4 reviews at the link.  The link should start at 5:40 on the JFKjr topic:

"I don't know...or...Merry Christmas."


Super Woo:

Dick Allgire remote viewed Maria Orsic of The Vril Society.  His teaser is on YouTube but the full report is behind a paywall.  Was there really a WW2 German flying saucer program?

Those interested in the Vril topic should consider the book, "The Vril Damen Diaries" by Sean David Morton.  Sean claims to have the manuscript diaries of Baron Wilhelm von Ritter Spottenheim, the leader of Maria Orsic's flying disk program.  This is #6 of his Sands of Time book series.  The books read like James Bond at the helm of the Starship Enterprise.  Sean says they are true.  Believe him or not, they seem to get closer to truth as bits and pieces of corroborating info come to light.  Sean's bookstore at the link.

Quotes from Ben Rich of Lockheed's Skunk Works (1990s):

“The Air Force has just given us a contract to take ET back home”

“We now have the technology to take ET back home”

“We now know how to travel to the stars”

[more quotes at the link]


Castlerock Central Casting?

Backup Link - same video:

Enjoy the Show!

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