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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Pfizer Tornado? plus FedNow Launched.

Are the WHs taking credit for the Pfizer tornado hit?

Christopher Miller

White Hats now control some of HAARP.

Pfizer building was destroyed today.

Shadow of Ezra

You think you know the full story?

[40 sec WTF waterspout video]

Waterspout makes me think of an alien ship discretely taking on water supplies...


The General: JUST IN: Federal Reserve officially launches 'FedNow' instant payment system.

FedNow is a "free" payment system between Central Banks and both big and small banks. It appears to bypass SWIFT which has significant fees. It is not a CBDC but may support transfers for CBDCs. Currently only about 50 institutions are active with 10,000 targeted over time.

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