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From Jeff - One Of These Is Not Like The Others

Dead McAfee makes a lot of very cryptic posts. This one is a side by side of Abe, JFK, and Ivanka. One seems out of place but that my not last forever. I think I got this one decoded or at least dot connected. I am a terrible decoder, unlike the Anons. (screenclip attached)

Will Ivanka come out as a man? Probably not. Will she be president? Maybe, but not likely anytime soon. More likely she will issue (Rainbow?) US Treasury Notes like the ones that got the other 2 disappeared. Is she the current Sec of the Treasury in Trump's exiled administration???

In the winter and spring of 2021 the telegram channel and other early 17-ish channels made a flurry of "Ho We Qwap" type of posts which were quickly deleted. I saved a few that were especially interesting - see attached pics or copy-pasted text:

Updated (and further updated)

Members of the new government :

President Donald J. Trump

First Lady Princess Diana

Vice President Mike Pompeo

Second Lady Susan Pompeo

U.S Secretary of State John F. Kennedy Jr.

U.S Secretary of Defense General Michael Flynn

Commander of U.S National Guard General Joseph Dunford

Commander of U.S Army General Charles Flynn

U.S Secretary of Treasury Ivanka Trump

Chief of U.S Department of Arts and Culture Michael Jackson

U.S Special Representative for Iran Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

White House Press Secretary Daniel Scavino Jr.

Senior Advisor to POTUS Kayleigh McEnany ( #260 now deleted )


(another update on a different 17-ish channel)


Donald J. Trump 👉 President of the United States

John F. Kennedy 👉 Vice President of the United States

Diana Spencer Trump 👉 Queen of the United Kingdom

Michael Flynn 👉 Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


First Lady Princess Diana???!!! Well, I have NEVER seen Trump kiss Melania on the lips in pics or video. Is Melania currently under contract as acting wife, first lady, and surrogate mother? Too many dots and too many royal secrets. Is Melania a Romanov? Will a royally tangled web hold a future realm together in peace? A successful movie with a happy ending does need a few love scenes. What a rabbit hole.

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