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From Jeff - Not Skeered Yit (Plus Other Observations).

I'll be scared if/when those 30 million male, fighting age, illegal aliens are equipped with all those small arms and ammunition purchased by the DS gumment and they go on a rampage across America.  Or, the SSP starts turning entire cities into dust with DEWS.  Or something like that.  Remember, Q told us our job was to calm the normies, but we all have our limits.  When the FRN dollar dies and debit cards are turned off the DS won't be able to activate their sleeper cells in the manner they anticipated.

That guy Max needs to take a look from 50,000 feet and observe what he's been missing.  If the Deep State were winning most Patriots would already be eating expired MREs in FEMA camps.  The Great Awakening is now being pushed to the normie public from all angles at the same time. The DS cannot distract from this onslaught without a mega huge False Flag.

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗙𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝗕𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗹𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟰 (is just getting started):

What if there had been a Patriot call to arms in Jan 2021?  Hardly anyone would have known who to aim at - chaos.  Now we know, at least a good deal of us do.  This extended education or Great Awakening was necessary.  The Q Psyop was brilliant.  Timing is everything.  Now Juan O Savin and others can tell us it's time to get involved - be ready.

Big escalation is coming.  Stay off of airplanes.

Buy supplies.  Buy Gold and silver.

Max needs to pay attention to THE COG MOVIE which is actual devolution. Nothing in both the legacy or alternative news can be trusted without discernment and decoding.  I don't believe we have seen the real Biden, Trump, or Melania IN PUBLIC for a long time.  Attached pic shows obvious Trump doubles in what looks like an "official" courtroom type setting. Lower image from a private setting are likely the real Trumps.  Our Quazy gumment can't be real if so many politicians are faked by actors during "official" events.

SEE Trump Pictures Below.


Other Observations


A year ago, Jan 2023, Entheos called the recent Hunter Biden walkout event.  Hunter is a double - he can be made to do anything.  Entheos has been around for decades and is even more cryptic than Q.

RECENT NEWS:  Hunter Biden Hauls ass...

ORIGINAL Entheos post, 2023:

Recent REPOST, 2024: SEE Trump Pictures Below

One Year Delta - RUN Hunter RUN

JSNIP4 explains:


SECDEF Austin is missing in action and the MSM reports he is in the hospital.  RRN reports that the Russians killed him in Kyiv on Jan 3. 17-ish channels give him a Red X across the face.  When do we get the fake Austin double?  I guess Central Casting did not have a double/clone on hot standby ready to go.  Note that  RRN mentioned long ago that SECDEF Austin had avoided arrest and trip to GITMO by bugging out overseas.  Apparently Ukraine is not such a great bolt hole.

This Austin story smells a lot like California Gov Newsome going missing (to GITMO) for weeks during the Scamdemic.  The first Newsome replacement was awful - shoulda grabbed some screenshots.  The current Newsome double is a dead ringer and took several weeks to prep.

SECDEF Austin hospitalized:

Russian Claim: Austin Dead In Ukraine:

Austin gets the Red X:


Wonder how Max will react to this? SEE Trump Pictures Below

WARNING: There will be a very obvious assassination attempt on Donald Trump.  You are to stay calm when that attempt is made.  Trump has the best security.


Enjoy the show...

Things are moving along - can't see theatrics lasting beyond 2024.

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