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From Jeff - No Bug Out Internet?

I thought you had satellite internet? Why not take it with you? Just measure the dish angles and set it up the same in the new location and it should be fine unless the bug out is many miles away. If that violates your service contract what are the consequences?


Bug out activation. Why not make it event driven? Like when life gets unbearable at home then bug out. Isn't that the whole point? If the place is a pimped out destination resort then bug out NOW.

Back around 2014 I made initial plans to bug out of the country by moving some storm funds overseas. Those plans quickly ended when I figured out that reset issues were going to be global and most likely Americans would be targets at many locations being considered. Bill Holter bugged out to Costa Rica after 2008 then came back when he figured the same. Then along came Trump...

After 7 years of watching Trump, Q, and the White Hats, I believe that an almost pillow soft landing is coming to America. Bumpy yes. Maybe some short term hunger, financial distress, and serious localized issues, but no mass starvation, flattened cities, and tanks on the streets like WW1&2 in Europe. We left a mess of our mechanized arms in Afghanistan, remember? Then Ukraine was an excuse to send more arms and ammunition out of the country. The crap goes down on Brandon's watch. This global revolution is all about ending the banker war cycle and subjugation of countries to control their natural resources (among other things).

If this post is true then emergency food supplies should be available for The Storm and recovery efforts:

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