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From Jeff: NESARA Technology Release?

Any people writing about NESARA like to say that all kinds of stuff will be released overnight, like free energy and new technologies. Hopium - not gonna happen. We MIGHT get all that stuff eventually but it will take years if not decades to roll out. Perhaps Q-Phones could be manufactured in secret and stored in warehouses for quick distribution. Free energy overnight? No way (unless it's just the end of billing or subsidies). New power generating infrastructure and conversions will take a very long time - no way to hide the manufacturing, storage, and personnel training necessary for rapid roll out and installation of that much equipment. The article referenced by Simon could be the first step but he is taking his military takeover context to the edge of woo.

I think Simon is struggling to keep quiet under his NDA - wants to post but can't.


On another note, anyone having trouble with DNS (Domain Name Server) based web censorship should try using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). CyberGhost VPN offers a free limited version that I have been trying out for about a week - it works. I don't think there is a time limit but I do plan on purchasing a full service subscription to replace VirtualShield when that subscription runs out.

I could not access Resetus and many other sites without a VPN. The VPN allows a user to choose where the web thinks their computer is located. Most DNS based censorship is limited to specific areas like a country or state. A VPN can also be used, sometimes, to get international pricing from web based businesses.

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