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From Jeff - NATO Troops Advance - Woo Woo Version

Just watched the BPEarthwatch video about the NATO air exercises that started today with 250 aircraft participating plus tens of thousands support personnel. A good portion was about Ukraine F16s being piloted by British and Americans since Ukraine has no qualified pilots.

A couple weeks ago Snippy's psychic mentor, aka Woo Woo Dude, had a dream about a HUGE bear eating an F16 as he, the bear, breaks up a chess game between rich guys. Doesn't sound good if NATO tries to upgrade their war game exercise into an attack on Russia. Bear with F16 story lasts about 5 min starting at 4:00 and also touches on the pile of missing ammonium nitrate recently in the news.

I have to believe this proxy WW3 in Ukraine is scripted to deplete the world of excess conventional weapons in western hands so that a real and widespread WW3 won't be possible during and after The Reset. Dead McAfee made a cryptic post including a line about war being fake (scripted) but with real weapons and deaths. Note that Russia fought the first year mostly with older weapons and mercenaries that were likely under early release from prison. The real Russian military is now active. Jim Willie told us this proxy war was being planned 10 years ago.

"death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED" more at:

===== Other News ==========

Trump arraignment is part of the plan (movie), a setup for the coming chapters (storm):

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