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From Jeff - More News Bites - Countdown Clocks and Calendars, Plus...

On Mar 20 Dead McAfee posted about starting the Clock of Clocks: (includes link)

Following the qagg link we find an old school analog clock plus a 10-day countdown which is now on Day 8. Zero Day looks to be Thursday, Mar 30.

Apparently the McAfee/Epstein files shared so far are just teasers. The McAfee Dead Man Switch looks to trigger this week. (password in 3 days, tomorrow) (link to encrypted archive) (static DMS countdown)


Note that April 1 was New Year's Day until, "The King of France, Charles IX, instituted the switch in 1564... Foremost was beginning the New Year on January 1st instead of on April 1st... Those who refused to honor January 1 as the beginning of the New Year and instead continued to use the April 1 demarcation became known as April Fools for their obstinacy and resistance to change."

More calendar history details:

======== Financial Bites ========

Comment on the Quayle-Adams video- Last week something similar was reported from a BRICS-type meeting in China - paraphrasing, "Gentlemen, if you still have any Dollars put them in the market".

Add this: Russia bans SWIFT


Bailout Comments- It's been reported that Yellen was looking for ways to back all bank deposits including non-insured over $250K. Remember that current bailouts are funded with $25 Billion set aside from the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF). Using the ESF is NOT QE-style money printing since it already exists. Jim Willie heard from Rob Kirby that the ESF had about $12 Trillion few years ago. After nullifying tainted deposits via Trump's EOs the ESF could likely backstop all legitimate but non-FDIC insured bank deposits. The main Deep State treasure chest would then be more or less empty. Ammo gone = no more market manipulation...

The ESF was reportedly seeded with all that gold Roosevelt heisted from the public in 1933. The Fund has been used to "fix" market ailments since then while making huge profit in FRNs.


This channel is focusing on interesting financial links along with some more mundane current events comments:

It would be a pity If the Federal Reserve increased rates and caused a #Geronimo event to the Stock Market.

If you haven’t figured it out yet. Trump is baiting the Cabal out through MSM.


Department of the Air Force to conduct hackathon Mar 20-24:

========= Trump Arrest ==========

Not gonna happen, but maybe one of his doubles...

Christopher Miller

The Commander in Chief has been taken to an unknown location.

Shadow of Ezra


American Patriot

Sorry. You can't arrest the 19th President of the US Republic. Not going to happen. However, the SCOTUS and most of Congress will be removed accordingly.

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