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From Jeff - Miscellaneous Rantings

OKeefe: Upon reading that he was removed from PV with pay, my first thought was that he was being given the opportunity to bug out. Followers would not be asking why he stopped investigating if he was officially off stage and written out of the script. His recent good deed was definitely enough to bump him into the top 10 greatest hits on the DS 187. Pure conjecture on my part. Meanwhile that Christopher Miller character posted: "Ron DeSantis had James O'Keefe removed from Project Veritas." It was reported earlier that DeSantis was replaced by an actor. Follow up posts suggest all replacements on TV are now white hat. So, I am assuming that the white hats removed OKeefe for his own safety - his job is mostly done at this point. Invite to Galt's Gulch? Lin Wood gives another clue - DeSantis a snake but beheaded: ================== What Would A Reasonable Precious Metals Retailer Do? In a world of rapidly increasing prices retailers could "dollar cost average" for inventory going out the door. Set a quota/limit for inventory sales (not orders) each day while raising premiums and stop selling each day when that limit was met. They could also set purchase quantity limits in order to serve more clients. Inventory on-hand would last longer and they could stay open for the employee's benefit while increasing profit on inventory that was acquired at earlier low prices. The employees are not necessarily going to be millionaires like the owners. Some shops have quite a few employees. When SHTF local retailers will likely be unable to re-stock from their usual distributors. Retailers also need to stay open for their clients that need to sell back. My local dealer says they will always be there to buy back (and get rid of excess devalued cash). They are a combined coin and jewelry store and charge some of the highest premiums around. Over the years past premiums have been dwarfed by upward market movements. For me cash and carry beats the lower prices and risk of problems with online shopping. I once made a bank wire for metal and it took the maximum number of days stated in the bank's fine print to clear - about 3 weeks. If coins become unavailable 18K to 24K gold estate jewelry is an option. ===================== If Biden Blew Up Nord Stream, Should He Be Impeached for Committing an Act of War? If Biden blew up the Nordstream he should be exorcised out of the Tyler Perry White House because he's been gone since 2019. I think Melania had the DC White House exorcised twice before she would spend the night there. ===================== Interesting to see HSRetoucher17 on telegram getting more traction in alt-news. Been following him every day as he often deletes or edits sensitive posts very quickly. One that is now gone said that unfortunately WW3 was on the way. The Storm. This has been repeated in different terms on other 17-ish channels. GhostEzra: "One move away from WW3." ================= Alien Invasion? It's fake today because in 987 Ronald Ray-Gun told us they were already here! Specific topic runs from 2:50 to 3:20. ================== Speaking of Ray-Guns, Juan O, on Jaco's channel, explains how seemingly high tech weapons are transferred to friends and enemies to stir global conflicts while the next generation "toys" are kept in the closet. I believe we are getting a demonstration of those "toys" right now. ================= Meanwhile at 1:20 Dick Allgire tells us that this planet is a "Project" and events are not haphazard or happening by accident - woo woo. Also, Bitcoin going down in the short term - buy the dip. (I still don't do cryptos.) OH NO!! Bad News For Bitcoin [ a few min ] ---- In his next YT video Allgire says Greek Mythology is actually history. I've been saying almost the same for years - Hollywood Sci-Fi is Truth in Fiction while documentaries are fiction twisted into truth. 2:10 - He has a psychic reading with Lan Vo who somehow knew intimate details of his life. She says cryptos will blast off in 7 months. 3:20 - He says Rhianna serves a purpose - vacuous people with no musical taste need something to listen to. The name reminds him of the Fleetwood Mac song Rhiannon which is a true story of a Welsh goddess marrying a mortal. Greek mythology is actually history. 5:50 - He predicted the Eagles to lose in the 4th. This was before the layoff teams were even determined and this YT was posted on Feb 10. Crypto Viewing: POP CULTURE [ 7 min ] ------ A few minutes ago Allgire posted this - I have not watched: "How I Predicted The Exact Super Bowl Outcome 4 Weeks Prior" ======================= We live in interesting times...buckle up!

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