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From Jeff - Mar-a-Lago Raid and Other Stuff.

The Mar-a-Lago Raid for a missing binder story was posted by CNN on Dec 15.  Do the WHs control CNN now?  Whatever, I don't trust just CNN yet. I do believe the WHs might be using CNN to restart the public conversation.  "The Russian intelligence was just a small part of the collection of documents in the binder, described as being 10 inches thick...".  Remember that - 10 inches thick.

Think Critically - Why would the DS go to the trouble and high RISK to raid Trump's home using armed agents to look for a missing Russian Intel binder when the CIA wrote it and absolutely knew what was in it?  Taking it away from Trump after he read it and made copies DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!

I'm going with the PEADS excuse for the raid - Presidential Emergency Action DocumentS.  The DS would definitely risk almost everything to get their hands on Trump's PEADS.  These would be Trump's Insurrection Act or similar summary instructions to the Military.  There are several pics and videos where Trump actively displays a THIN RED FOLDER, possibly his PEADS.  The first video I remember was right around the J6 time frame at a birthday party for one of his kids and everyone was in a happy party mood.  This is old "intel" news reposted by Entheos so I trust it more than most stuff.   [Text and 2 min video with Jan Halper]


----  Other Stuff ------

It's beginning to feel like Christmas ... early Christmas, at GITMO!

"The Marines caught Skeen...packing suitcases for a holiday trip to the Virgin Islands, where...she intended to spend Christmas..."


All eyes should be on Clarence Thomas.

I believe this is the 2022/20 Florida election case on Thomas' desk with nationwide implications but can't find any recent info updates:

"The applicant is asking that Florida's 2022 General Election (with a 2020 option) be set aside and held anew. There is also room for the 2020 election cycle to be set aside as well, since the evidence shows the same uncertified and uncertifiable equipment was used in both election cycles."

A permanent holiday recess for Congress? This guy thinks so:

"Congress starts its 3 week permanent holiday. Soon the actor in the White House on stage will follow with his own Bernie’s Vacation."


BREAKING: Over 170 of Jeffrey Epstein's high-profile associates will be named in court documents set to be unsealed in the beginning of 2024.

It has been rumored that high profile doubles will be removed from the public eye by suicide.  That is, paid actors remove their masks and go home while forced actors complete their deals whatever they might be. RRN reported that an estimated 30% of attendees at Brandon's last SOTU were doubles.

Expect suicides in 2024.


Supreme Court Refuses To Block Illinois Assault Weapons Ban

Ignoring the Constitution could be grounds for the Military to remove a few SCOTUS Judges.  How many would be left?  Thomas?


-------  Financial Stuff  ------

Klaus Schwab will be stepping down as chairman of the World Economic Forum.


Competition for the COMEX and London Metals Exchange!

A New World

Bank of England Makes History as First to Witness Blockchain Payment:

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