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From Jeff - Look Like Dimon, Sound Like Zirconia - Is Jamie Doubled ???

Have the WHs taken control of Dimon, JPM, and CNBC?  I instantly noticed that Jamie Dimon's face was a little off when he told us Trump was right about everything last week.  He sure didn't sound like Dimon of the past.  I wasn't sure if he had been doubled or flipped.  Then Jim Willie suggested he looked different so I'm not alone.  Let's hope that Wall Street and the media are taking a major about face.

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The relevant Willie interview is kinda Debbie Downer and I suggest most people skip it unless they have time, consider watching Jean Claude's response, and keep an open, critical mind.  Willie is under great stress and falls back to his old screaming days and ways.  In this episode with Patriot Underground he yells a lot about the possibility of Trump having a sexual predator past and his early association with Epstein.

Jean Claude and Janine respond:  "TRUMP THE SEXUAL PREDATOR?"  [16 min]

I do share some of Willie's concerns, that is, the future NWO will have a new and more benevolent management but it will still be a shadow gumment of some sort.  A perfect utopia is only a pipe dream - humanity will not thrive without some level of challenge.

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