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From Jeff: Kash's Final Four?

In a recent livestream Godlewski told us to keep an eye on Kash Patel. He also said he needed to speak to us in code and could not give out direct intel. Then he said to watch out for the final four. Is this what he was trying to say?

"...46 of 50 states have now recounted and CONFIRMED Biden lost..."

Four to go? The 2020 repair method will likely surprise us all.

Trump told us several times in his 2020 campaign rallies that Biden was shot, that he had half a head, implying that Biden was executed before the 2020 election. If true Trump actually ran unopposed and won all 50 states by default no matter how the votes are counted.

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John Duggan
John Duggan
Jul 04, 2022

I keep looking for facts.

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