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From Jeff - JFKjr and Diana Alive? Sean David Morton on Ninos Corner

Nino recently hosted Sean David Morton in 3 video posts now available on Rumble pirate channel Ballz ( ). Believe him or not he is one unique and fascinating character who was behind the scenes on many radio and TV shows familiar to old timers. His 9-book "Sands of Time" series are must reads for followers of the real SSP (Area 51, Dulce, etc). Books 8 & 9 are in progress. I have read the first 7 books and they read like SciFi versions of James Bond but are supposedly based on reality - highly recommended.

Sean on JFKjr and Diana faking deaths, 35 min:

Sean on Phoenix Lights, UFOs, Heaven's Gate, etc, 1 hr:

Sean on his background, books, etc, 1 hr:

Get his books here or from Amazon:

Original Videos here:

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