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From Jeff - Israel Will Become "New" Israel After Oct 31 (and more...)

As SGAnon said, it's already a done deal (via Abraham Accords). The Art of War: Win the battle before it starts. New Israel, Inc. will already be in effect as current Israel expires Oct 31. Begin a very light drum roll for unveiling new 2-state borders... The Greatest Architect. [pic] Xi Jinping...says two-state solution is ‘fundamental way out’ 1947 Map of Palestine: The Battle of Gaza is for a Middle East show and cleanup. Civilians are chased out of Gaza so it can be bombed and cleaned underground with minimal casualties. Topside it's a partially fake war. Arabs surround and threaten elimination of Israel if they don't stop. The ME public needs this concrete reason for accepting the deal and it won't go over lightly with either Israeli or Saudi public. Remember, the Israeli DS and Saudis are old cousins and use conflict as a tool (very few actually understand this). Meanwhile the Speaker of the House circus prevents major new funds being laundered via Ukraine, Israel, or much of anything else like the US budget. The US stays off stage as much as possible but is backstage to help manage things. Master C. Miller More underground facilities being targeted in Gaza. The Jewish roots of the Saudi Royal Family Global movie screens will play scripted WW3 shows in multiple theaters and in local languages to demonstrate new weapons and dispose of old weapons. Hissy fits and Shutdown. Project Bluebeam? Everyone comes together for The Reset. It's all theater, enjoy the show. It's gonna be bumpy and highly realistic for most but absolutely real for those caught in the crossfire. Sure beats the Cabal's version of WW3 with mutually assured destruction. ===== Other Stuff ===== How can Trump be so cool, calm, and collected - CONFIDENT? I now have 3 reports corroborating the existence of a new US weapon that makes nukes obsolete. Jay Weidner, Q The Storm Rider, and RESTORED REPUBLIC have all reported the same. Jay claims a deathbed confession if I remember correctly. The second 2 likely originate from the same source. "The Sands of Time" truth in fiction book series also describe some fantastic Area 51 type weaponry. From RESTORED REPUBLIC: "The magnificent weapon has Russia, China and the Middle East under control." I have believed something of this sort this since around 2010 when the Obama-Clinton gang started selling off our front line weapons like lasers, F35 plans, and maybe even some complete F35 samples. The Deep State keeps the world on a war footing by selling better and better weapons but never the latest and greatest secrets.

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John Duggan
John Duggan
24 de out. de 2023

Your secret weapon theory is probably correct. Lahaina demonstrates a powerful laser weapon. China rain for 200(?) days shows weather control. If you drive tanks into deep mud.... Maybe we'll have a very warm winter in Ukraine again.

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