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From Jeff - Is It Real, Real Raw News?

Does Real Raw News actually report real information?

For now we readers will have to decide for ourselves by analyzing how the articles are written. For example, if you were a DS operator writing fake news would you even consider ending an article with the paragraph below?

"In closing, we at RRN regret naming Trump, Pompeo, and Giuliani as attendees of Clinton’s execution. Our intent was to exemplify patriotism, not expose persons involved in discrete operations. We shall be more diligent in the future."

What about even writing the article itself? It brings many details and side topics front and center that the DS news is desperately trying to erase from public view. Without this article nobody would have a clue about that recording.

So, are tribunals real? Ask Madyson, she's a victim and claims to have had multiple sessions in the witness chair in the DC area along with others. "Stop pinging on David (Rodriguez), you can ask me all you want..." ( 5 min video ):

No White Hats? How can Jim Stone ignore all of this?


Real Raw News - RRN has been attacked and temporarily erased off the web many times over the last couple years. This is a badge of honor in the alt-news world - they must be over the target and became a target of the DS themselves. Every time the site is hardened against one type of attack "they" find another way to censor and block. This past week Firefox started refusing to load as bookmarked on my Linux/Ubuntu computers long ago. This message was displayed:

Unable to connect

An error occurred during a connection to

This implies blocking at the DNS (Domain Name Server), the telephone book of the internet. The fix was simple but had me scratching my head for a bit. This worked, remove the WWW sub-domain: ( remove WWW. )

Changing DNS servers may also help bypass this type of censorship.


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