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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - I don't think the fake bond is the problem.

Jim's Response:   I don't think the fake bond is the problem.

The problem is big mean men are pounding on the door, representing powerful players and countries demanding most of their money back.  And we are not powerful enough to con or ignore them anymore.

Jeff's Response: Agree, a single Billion Dollar bond is not the problem.

And yes, those men are powerful, want their gold back, and are pounding on the door but they are not the problem - it's the banksters.  The bonds are their contracts and receipts.  Without receipts they have nothing to show as evidence in (likely secret) World Courts except lead, bombs, and war. 

The guy pictured on the bond is the guy who took ALL of the gold out of the pockets of Americans in 1933 or thereabouts.  We got receipts in exchange.  All of the receipts together DO MATTER.  The Bankster Cabal essentially stole almost all of the world's hard assets in one big sweep - The Global Accounts.

Who are you including in the "we" that are not powerful enough to con "them" anymore?  I consider myself an American, not a Bankster, Inc con man.  Do you?

Woo Alert!  IMO the Judge in secret world court is in Antarctica or a similar hideout.  He/they might not be human.

Jim's Response:

I was considering the bankrupt corporation as the "We".

And therein is the problem with this Gordean knott. Did the Banksters steal under the name of the US Republic or a sham corporation that is now bankrupt? Doesn't there come a time when you cannot undo things, such as when one person owns it all in the game of Monopoly? Don't you then agree to restart the game with all on equal footing?

Isn't that better than to continue to fight? Isn't that the very definition of a Gordean Knott, something that can never be undone?

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