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From Jeff - How a CBDC Created Chaos and Poverty in Nigeria.

The first large scale test of CBDCs didn't go well well in Nigeria. Operation Warp Speed was about more than Covid Treatments. Event Timelines were accelerated and the Cabal was forced to implement many of their devious plans before they were ready. Will this failure in Nigeria change the Cabal's attempt to go cashless globally with fiat CBDCs? Looking like they will hit a BRICS wall. Excerpts below, full article at the link.

"It is no coincidence that Nigeria, with a population of over two hundred million, became the first serious global testing ground for central bank digital currencies (CBDC) implementation."


Yet, a tragedy did not occur. How did poor Nigerians survive for three and a half months without money, reserves, or any help from the state? Nigerians, unlike most residents of the Group of Seven countries, don’t believe a word their government representatives say. Feeling deceived once again, when it became clear that neither the old nor the new naira worked, people took to the streets. Shots were fired, and a few people died."

"In response to refusals to accept their old cash, invalidated at the end of January, people without bank accounts, legal cash, or any savings resorted to traditional methods: barter and trade credit. Matchstick holders exchanged them for yams with farmers. Soap producers traded for fuel, and small business owners extended longer credit terms to their contractors. Teachers and cleaners from local schools sought help, mainly food, from the families of their students."

Popcorn will become our new currency!

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