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From Jeff - House Speaker Johnson Was Introduced as the 45th ???

Normies are gonna be needing straight jackets! Video is only 32 sec - be ready to hit pause to read and digest.

Mike Johnson introduced as the 45TH SPEAKER!

Trump Dissolved the Corporation! America is a Republic.

Makes sense (to me) because in the 2020 election campaign it was heavily rumored among the conspiracy truthers that the Trump/JFKjr ticket was secretly running for 19th POTUS/VP of the US Republic. The previous US Republic POTUS was #18 Ulysses Grant (1869-1877). Quazy! The truth is gradually being revealed if you are paying attention.

In The Act of 1871, Washington was given to England as payment for Civil War debts and District of Columbia was tacked onto the name. Wash DC was no longer part of the USA. The Act was quickly repealed then reinstated in pieces, prolly to hide the TREASON. It was a done deal by 1876. The US was a corporation for about 150 years but Trump semi-secretly dissolved it in a bankruptcy filing a few years ago. The docs are on the web if you search for them. I do have copies.

We've been experiencing the transition back to a Republic and its gonna be a chaotic ride the next year or so. We've been under martial law and Continuity of Government with gradual Devolution of the old gumment to prevent an all out Civil War II. You could also call this the 2nd American Revolution as we cut the strings to England once again plus Israel and The Vatican as well. Be ready for ANYTHING!

Snippy chimes in: Why was the speaker introduced as the 45th which would be from 1878?

What an effin mooovie!


Note: JFKjr faked his death and dropped the "jr" when his father died in 2021. What! JFK senior also faked his death. JFKjr's HSRetoucher17 Telegram channel, from which the attached screenshot was taken in Mar 2021 has been taken semi-private and can no longer be viewed without an account. The post and many others with similar shocking reveals were deleted long ago. Many dead people are alive and many living are dead (executed) but replaced by doubles.

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