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From Jeff - Genious or Just Another Speculation? [Aboslute Must See]

!!! Just In - Spoiler Alert - Read the conclusion first!!!

The Brunson case was pushed out in the same time frame as Trump's announcement of "The Pause". He explained that The Pause would allow some actions to be achieved more easily. Sounds like an event driven plot twist to me. Trump had to slow down and negotiate some Speed Bumps in order to press on. Those bumps are the failures and backstabbers in the military and the RINOS. RRN reported that a newly renovated Wasp Class LHD, a smaller aircraft carrier, was handed over to FEMA. AKA Amphibious Assault Ship, WTF! Civilians running a mega ASSAULT weapon of mega destruction - what an oxymoron. Consider the number of people in the military and civilian administrators that would have to sign off or at least keep quiet about that. Pretty big speed bump but it has to be dealt with. gitmo/ MTG likely voted Kevin McCarthy for Speaker under duress. Wonder what dirt the Deep State has on her. Trump is likely backing McCarthy in public while secretly squeezing his (Trump's) supporters to see who is weak or compromised. BREAKING: GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw just referred to the 20 Republicans voting against Kevin McCarthy as "Terrorists": The Brunson case poses a threat to backstabbers in congress - go along with The (New) Plan or we get rid of 388 swamp critters all at once - Insurance. Meanwhile the reported execution of Dem backed DeSantis (and others) should have DC in a Panic. The Plans recent plot twist could be to delay selection of a new Speaker until the Treasury defaults. Most predict the debt ceiling to be reached pretty soon in 2023. If Congress is stalled then the US defaults and the petrodollar and financial system dominoes will tip over rather quickly. Trump has been Speaker by proxy so far in 2023. Will he eventually be selected as Speaker for real? This scenario would give him a path back to office after Brandon gets booted. First known suggestion by Michael Shrimpton in early 2021 after Brandon's fake inauguration. Here is our answer! JUST IN: Rep. Gaetz votes for Trump to be House Speaker. ------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Other Tidbits ---------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- The WEF will be pushing Digital ID Passports for Internet Access: THE GREAT RESET: They are warning you of a cyber ‘pandemic’, where recovery will require Digital ID to connect to the new internet. ======================= The Collapse of Civilization. I credit Clif for taking the time to relate the crash of The Bronze Age at our dinner table discussions. He adds some salt and pepper to his taste but it was Eric Cline who cooked the meal in his book, "1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed". "In 1177 B.C., marauding groups known only as the Sea Peoples invaded Egypt. The pharaoh's army and navy defeated them, but the victory so weakened Egypt that it soon slid into decline, as did most of the surr ..." The Fall of Civilizations YouTube channel is devoted to the larger topic of all fallen civilizations, not just the Bronze Age. Great summary videos if you have lots time.

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