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From Jeff - Fulford: Collapse of... [Evergrande ???]

This week's Fulford blurb cut off at " domino has fallen with the “collapse of...".  The likely entity is Evergrande which has been in delayed bankruptcy proceedings for years.

Sunday: Evergrande Will Be Dismantled:

Monday: China limits short-selling:

Monday: Evergrande shares halt trading:

Blackrock, UBS, and HSBC are primary holders of Evergrande debt and countless pension funds are also invested.  Many pension funds would already be insolvent if their underwater bond positions were marked to market instead of being valued at maturity so an Evergrande liquidation could push them over the edge.

D5 Avalanche?  Seems like everything is coming to a head globally at the same time.  Be ready for FFs and other distractions leading to the brink of financial collapse and WW3 - The Precipice.  It appears Trump is being set up to throw the money changers off the planet in a second coming of Christ, The Son of Man, to save us from a full blown WW3. Meanwhile the DS is threatening to remove Trump from the world stage.

What an effin movie...  Let's hope the stage props don't malfunction as in the Alec Baldwin incident.

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