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From Jeff - Failed July 4th 9/11 Style FF plus SSP Woo Woo.

This Telegram channel is definitely connected...

June 9 - A foreign attack is coming. A new 9/11 type of event.

July 3 - False Flag Warning For July 4

July 3 (July 4 in Moscow ?) - They failed... (Capital Towers Moscow)

The 4th is not behind us yet - be wary of local events.


=== Warning - Contents May Include Deep Woo Woo ===

In the Sands of Time truth in fiction book series it was said that the Roswell alien story was false but the conspiracy theory folks were getting too close for comfort. Some corroboration:

Dark Journalist - Kecksburg Kammler Roswell UFO Mystery! (71 min)

Researcher Joseph P. Farrell wrote a 400 page book, "Roswell and the Reich, The Nazi Connection," the book UFOlogy loves to ignore. He says there were no balloons and no aliens - the craft were Nazi. If you have undetected Nazi craft flying around 2 years after WW2 you have a problem. These craft may have the crowbar that levered Paperclip and Eisenhower "alien" deals. The Nazis didn't lose WW2, they called timeout while they relocated.

A must see video for SSP and WW2 history buffs with current events at end. We did go to the Moon but not as advertised - there was help. Interview starts with Nazi UFOs then continues with Paperclip, NASA, Gorbachev, JFK, Trump's declas, Civil War gold, torsion physics, Argentina, nuke space-time tech, longitudinal waves (Tesla), Moses' Column of Fire, Ukraine, US Military wokeism, and ends with Russia's Gold Ruble.

WW1 demonstrated mechanized warfare. WW2 demonstrated The Bomb. Will WW3 demonstrate SSP products to claim dominance over the planet? Jay Weidner says we are on the verge of becoming a Class 1 civilization where a single entity represents the Earth to the rest of the solar system. Class 2 is control over the solar system. Class 3 is Galactic star traveling.

Obsolete weapons have always been marketed and sold to 3rd world countries but never anything superior or cutting edge. The US left many Billion$ of weapons in Afghanistan and more are sent to Ukraine - all obsolete. N/GESARA says no more war. Future world militaries will likely coalesce around defending Earth against General Milley's "little green men". The "Men in Black" comedy series was likely a predictive programming truth in fiction docu-drama.

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