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From Jeff - Evidence of SWIFT Replacement?

I just got notice that my credit card fees were dropped to 0% for foreign transactions. Has the Cabal's SWIFT infrastructure been replaced or have the fees been absorbed by the credit card company? Banksters rarely give up fees and profits so I'm going with bye-bye SWIFT.

We get occasional blog reports of people experiencing financial relief like unexpected loan forgiveness or refunds from the IRS/Treasury and the like. Although tiny this elimination of foreign transaction fees is my first personally experienced benefit from what may be a quiet roll out of a new financial system. It will happen slowly then all at once.

Connecting the news between Whiplash, BRICS, and XRP I believe that the BRICS infrastructure will develop into the "QFS" with XRP being the main transfer vehicle across bridges connecting various countries. Whiplash has suggested that it is Russia's task to set up a good bit of the network. After a financial crisis the FRN steps aside and the US can join a functioning BRICS network with a revived asset backed Treasury Dollar and maybe even a Quantum Computer Brain to oversee the whole thing.

If there is any doubt that Team Trump and Russia are joined in an Alliance don't forget the soccer ball that Putin gave Trump while reading a few articles from across the web:

Don't miss this from CNN. The headline is enough - Trump is on point, not Brandon. "Volodymyr Zelensky urged Donald Trump to share his peace plans publicly..."

We are living on a global movie set - is anything in the MSM real?

"Body Doubles Meet At United Nations"

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