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From Jeff - Early 9/11 Xmas?

A few weeks ago various 17-ish channels were suggesting that we might have an early Xmas around 9/11. The recent ramp up in all alt-news conspiracy topics at the same time certainly feels like festivities are beginning in earnest. Scare event incoming. What, When? Who knows? Who knows everything. Yellen arrested ?! Snippy had a dream about an aircraft crash but nobody onboard (Trump?). Don't be alarmed until the real news comes out after the breaking headlines. His dream predictions are often 6 months to years in advance. Jan Hays is suggesting that the WH scare event to waken the dead asleep will be our eventual financial crash. She also says that BH events are being allowed and managed so their operators and toys can be identified. With each interview she reveals or corroborates a little more and also widens the subject matter. It's now clear that she is very involved with the understanding and treatment of mass psychosis. This is the best I've seen from her yet [85 min]:

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