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From Jeff - Credit Suisse On Ebay? [ SGAnon Gaining Traction ] Corrected

Should Blackrock and McDonalds go EBay as well? SGAnon is a relatively new truther outlet that seems to have the same or similar handler as Godlewski - much of their reporting overlaps. Think SCOTUS on 2020, BlackRock, and other topics. Plus, they repost and/or 1 refer to each other. SG's verbal delivery is the polar opposite of Derek Johnson or Jim Willie and more like Simon or Dave - mostly cool and calm. His following is growing. Sooo, SG is posting that BlackRock, likely the largest hedge/holding company on Earth, is insolvent along with McDonalds, likely the biggest food chain and specialty disposal company on the planet. Bankruptcy of these 2 will have a huge impact downstream all by themselves. SG goes deep and dark unlike Godlewski. We've heard that Disney is associated with transportation and processing of little things. Who do they use for downstream waste management? McDonald's? Soylent Green? Old story but gaining traction every day. Billions and billions served. Read/listen for yourself: Goodbye McDonalds | "Russian" Sub Goes Missing and more: Ron DeSantis a Deep State Plant? RD posts that a McRig food truck is serving free meals to Ian victims. [Also - see recent RealRawNews posting about DeSantis - all this a psyop???] JPMorgan tucks into McDonald's RazzleDrop [!!! Adults Only or skip altogether !!!] Columbus Day?

Mid-Terms? "Just received some very [BIG] news from my individual re: Midterm elections. Have been told to go ahead and drop the news to you all today. Was ALSO told that it's very possible this news is one giant misdirection, for the Enemy. Use your discernment. I will be reporting exactly what I was told, as requested. Will be with you on air again, very soon…" SGAnon's rumble channel: His Telegram: ---------------------- Discern Responsibly...supporting McDs links: Damn - I used to love their fries and eggamuffs if nothing else! -------------------- p.s. If you still have doubts about Gitmo... USE IT FOR HER [ pump up the volume ! ]

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