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From Jeff - Converging News: Big Bend Cat4, Impeachment, Nino Videos.

Multiple news headlines are converging.

Nino Rodriguez hosted both Juan and Jan Halper together. Juan says we may lose a dozen blue cities in the coming chaos. Here in FL new housing developments are going up everywhere, likely to receive both chaos refugees and also Yankees fleeing global cooling in the years to come. Jan corroborates many conspiracy truths we already know about. She is directly monitoring and coaching 37 people on social media trying to wake 'em up. As I expected one of her DoD tasks is Public Relations psychological operations.

Impeachment - How and when does Brandon exit the stage?

The coming chaos must occur on Brandon's watch so impeachment must be delayed or maybe bypassed so the movie script can be followed. If Brunson case is to be utilized then timing must be coordinated. I think that is why Trump's puppet McCarthy is refusing to impeach - he controls the floor of the House where impeachments occur. Both Brandon and CamelToe are or have been in the Asia-Pacific region recently. Cameltoe's plane was grounded for quarantine reasons. Brandon looks physically weaker every day. Maybe the script writes them out via Covid or the next election bug.

Hurricane Idalia and increasing Chaos - We've heard "Watch the Water" too many times. A post was made suggesting the imminent FL hurricane could be headed to DC. Hints about EOs and markets...


As I stated, Florida will take a hit for the team. And launch this to you DC. What you say Patriots?

...It will be a shame when it [markets] gets systematically infected by a Trojan horse of sorts...

American Patriot

Use logic. There are reasons EO have not been extended...

Are simmering frogs about to boil? Headlines we wanna see?

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